Sleepwalking into the Past – Life After Levels? Be Very Careful.

@debrakidd if you ask any Scottish education observer they’ll tell you that the scots typically define almost all they do against Eng — Jonathan Simons (@PXEducation) May 19, 2015 After reading this tweet the other night – and then having … Continue Reading →

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper

It’s strange to be apologising out loud to Google Maps when I’m in the car on my own. I can see a school in the distance but don’t appear to be getting any closer so I go off message. A … Continue Reading →

Leaving school – Don’t Let them Disappear, Holden

It’s the final day at school for our S6 pupils tomorrow- and many from S5 too. A strange calm has descended on the school; traditionally the last day has witnessed practical jokes and general mayhem as they celebrate the end … Continue Reading →

Taking Away the Water Wings.

There was a time when I enjoyed Easter Study days. Getting down to the business end of the year; kids beginning to really focus; the more relaxed approach; the snacks. I tended to get their full attention when they had … Continue Reading →

Speed – ‘the not-so-hidden curriculum’

So, as usual, I was marking this morning; wading through some S2 classwork, becoming more and more frustrated. I usually set myself a goal of x number of books until I have a break. What always happens is that I … Continue Reading →

Using Homework More Effectively

I’ve been trying to get my head round the concept of homework recently. Is there such a thing as good homework and, if so, how can I use it more constructively than I’ve been doing? If I’m to believe some … Continue Reading →

Falling in Love With Reading – All Over Again.

So I had been reading Richard Flanagan’s Booker winner, ‘The Narrow Road to the Deep North’, on the train, on the way home from school, in the middle of December, when I rediscovered my love of reading. Opening the book … Continue Reading →

Feedback Gallery – or the Green Room on ‘The One Show’?

I hate to say it but Peer Assessment is, in my experience, hugely ineffective. I know it’s probably the way I was doing it so couldn’t dismiss it out of hand but it never really works for everyone and can … Continue Reading →

Don’t Believe the Hype – why I need to be a better teacher

I’ve always been my greatest and most fierce critic, which, I think, has allowed me the freedom to blog on my everyday practice. That knowledge does, however, make reflection somewhat difficult; New Year’s Resolutions have never been my strong point. … Continue Reading →

We Are All Charlie Chaplin

This is the unedited text of my article in today’s TES Scotland   There’s a famous scene in Charlie Chaplin’s ‘Modern Times’ where the poor hero is desperately trying to keep up with the conveyor belt of screws to tighten … Continue Reading →

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