Sharing Our Reading Lives

  “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.” ― Gloria Steinem Undoubtedly, we waste  lot of our time and money in Education paying for and implementing strategies and beliefs that we think should work. … Continue Reading →

Is There a Matthew Effect for Teachers?

  Most teachers I know are working themselves into the ground. Under difficult circumstances they commit themselves fully to the children in their charge and balance this with full lives outside school. They have suffered for years from poor CPD … Continue Reading →

Changing. One Step At a Time.

  I have for some time held the belief that CPD needs to be transformed if we are to change anything in Education. The top down delivery movement has had its day. My involvement with Pedagoo over the last three … Continue Reading →

I Don’t Care What You Think Of My Music

  A couple of years back a young boy in school came sauntering along the corridor towards me with those big trendy headphones on. I approached with my stern teacher face on and asked him to remove them, which he did. … Continue Reading →

Just Because I Don’t Speak…

  If I was to trace the roots of my love of language it wouldn’t be an image of me sitting under a tree, scratching my chin and reading Thomas Hardy I’d find. It wouldn’t be a book at all, probably. … Continue Reading →

What Vitas Gerulaitis Taught Me About Persistence

  He was one of those players on the tour whom everyone knew; as famous for his flamboyant lifestyle as much for his tennis, he nevertheless, in public anyway, exuded a confidence which was hard to stifle. Vitas Gerulaitis famously … Continue Reading →

Trying to Change Everything by Changing Everything – Part Four

So at this point, I see people rolling their eyes at my naivety; I hear them mutter ‘that’ll never happen’. Unless this is just a revolution in my head, where do we go from here? If we are to embark … Continue Reading →

Trying to Change Everything by Changing Everything – Part Three

So we have the blank slate, the space and freedom to change the curriculum. Where next? And where does research enter the picture, you may be wondering? The Chartered Teacher scheme died a death in 2011, but before that, in … Continue Reading →

Trying to Change Everything by Changing Everything – Part Two

As part of the McCrone Agreement, ‘A Teaching Profession for the 21st Century’, an alternative route was provided for experienced teachers who did not want to enter management; those who had reached the top of pay scale and had no where … Continue Reading →

Trying to Change Everything by Changing Everything- Part One

This is the first part of four posts which will make up my presentation from Research-Ed York on May 3rd 2014. I have chosen to present it in parts because it adds up to about 3000 words and, heck, even I couldn’t … Continue Reading →

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